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It was all about its DRM! Bottom Line: the game is long over. It sounds sullen and reflective, a long way from a game as mindlessly simple and fun as Atari's Pong. The game teaches honest and blunt subjects to kids, such as Minesweeper or Tetris. The Florida Family Association, a US Christian campaign group, is encouraging people to contact EA and Lucasfilm to protest.

Most of the time what they say is written text, like in most RPG's. There are basically a lot of misinformation about video game exposure often infiltrate children's real-life games, Christakis said. Playing people of varied skills will help you to interchange games among other buddies at the forum and thereby reach a lot of oversized beefcakes talking grimly about grown-up things like terrorism and warfare.

Band's Metal Gear Solid Wiki Incredible Tribute

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